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Q: Can a Candidate withdrawal his or her nomination?

A: Under Section 36(a) of the Municipal Election Act, a person may withdraw his or her nomination by filing a written withdrawal in the clerk's office before 2p.m. on nomination day which was August 2, 2018 for the Village of Sundridge. A Candidate may not elect to withdraw his or her nomination after that date.

Can cottagers vote By Proxy?

All qualifying Electors can Vote by Proxy, see ‘Form 3’ below.


List of Certified Candidates 2018 Municipal Election

Summary of Candidates

Questions from Candidates Sept. 25, 2018

Questions from Candidates Sept. 14, 2018

Questions from Candidates Aug 24 2018

List of Certified Candidates Extended

Acclamation for Alan Bottomley Zone 5 English Public - NNDSB

Acclamation nip parry sound catholic-07302018111638

Declaration of Acclamation to Office

Certified Candidates French Separate School Board


E-2018-001 Use of Municipal Resources for Election Purposes

Acceptable documents for voter identification

Form 1 Nomination Paper

Form 3 Appointment for Proxy

Form 4 Financial Statement - Candidate

Form 6 Notice of Extension of Campaign Period

Form 7 Notice of Registration

Form 8 Financial Statement - Third Party

EL12A Appointment of Scrutineer by Candidate

April 27 2018 version - Nomination Procedures

April 27 2018 Version - Election Procedures


2018 Voters' Guide - Council and School Board

2018 Candidates' Guide - Council and School Board

2018 third Party Advertisers' Guide - Council and School Board


Eligible to vote? Visit to confirm your elector eligibility for the upcoming municipal election. Have your say. Log on today.

School Board Information

OESC Making A Difference For Kids English

OESC School Board Election Resources 2018

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